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Mechanical or Electronic Groupsets

A question which is sure to have people divided but I was wondering which would be people's choice on the ultegra 6800 mechanical and 6870 electronic groupsets. I am looking at buying Dolan's Scala TT bike as reviewed by 220 not so long ago and in the bike builder options can have mechanical ultegra 6800 for the base price or pay £799.99 more for electronic ultegra 6870.

A quick look online shows that electronic ultegra new costs £899.99 so Dolan's price seems like a good deal. Additionally electronic does have the benefit on not needing as much maintenance to keep it in top condition. On the other hand, if something did go wrong it would be more expensive and take longer to replace (not something I'd want to happen if I was racing in the very near future!).

Based on the added price, functionality, reliability, performance and anything else you can think of, which is the best option for triathlon?

Thanks in advance!

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