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Talkback: The Weekend Warrior on…How to avoid looking like a tri numpty

My first triathlon, I carefully watched some old hands putting their watch (Garmin?) on over their wetsuit. Despite thinking it might be foolish I did what the 'pros' do and copied.

Result: a T1 time of 5+ minutes as I was stuck in my inside out wetsuit by the watch clamping the sleave onto my arm.


  • matward77matward77 Posts: 9
    What about wearing the free race t-shirt on the morning of the race? That always feels pretty rookie
  • There was a competitor at Last weekend's Castle Tri Series Hever Tri (Sunday in the Olympic distance) setting off on the ride with his aero helmet on back to front!!
  • Lisa GLisa G Posts: 29

    My friend appeared at her first tri with the zip to her wet suit at the front!  She met and chatted to a few people before her husband pointed out to her that she had it on back to front.  She will never live this down. 

  • Sean88Sean88 Posts: 3
    Sorry but why does any of that matter? In my opinion Martin, maybe you should take a little less time judging other people for being "Newbies" and just concentrate on your own performance. A flapping flag or someone wearing a visor should be of absolutely no concern to you.
  • I do the High viz thing, My cycle jersey is more yellowy than the skin of a chernobyl resident, with jaundice, thats being lit by a chuffing great yellow light. It makes it easier for my kids to spot me...

    As for rookie mistakes, I have a classic.  I went to my first open water swim and was promptly laughed at. not for my portly appearance (10lb of sh*t in 5lb bag) but for my speedo swim cap. 

    it was black. 

    Without thinking I asked why this was a problem and got back the following answer "look at the water (an inky black mere in the north of England), they won't be able to spot your floating corpse when you drown"

    Whilst that may have been true, I was more offended at the lack of faith in my swimming skills.... 

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