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Summer Races


I'm going to be taking part in the London Hyde Park Olympic distance race is August and want to know if it would or would not be a wise idea to take part in the Olympic distance race at the TRIFEST at Bewl water in July? Would it be better to complete in the sprint distance at the TRIFEST.

London is my 'A' race of the year.


I've managed to get my bike time down by 4 mins and my race time down by 5mins, but I just can't seem to get any time off my swim. I've had some 1-1 session for 6 mths prior to christmas, but have moved country so have lost my coach. Any ideas? I'm doing 1500m in 33 mins ( slow I know) and I would like to get it to 30mins before London.

Any advice greatly received.



  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    O would defo get a sprint in before! Like a warm up event. If you go straight into and olympic without a warm up event you might get it wrong. Think about testing out gels, hydration and sych like on the sprint!
    And its always good to practice another transition.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    I've done two ODs a month apart before... tho the A race was the 1st one.

    I spent the intervening 4 weeks working on speed and it really worked! (then again the 2nd one was at Dorney which was pan flat, and I had a rather nasty blowout at 30 mph in the 1st which saw me spend 30+ minutes by the side of the road getting my act back together and finishing the race with blood pouring - unbeknown to em! - down my back!!)

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    last year i raced three out of four weeks i think - sprint on 01 august, oly on 08 august and a sprint on 22 august. i also raced an oly 3weeks later on 12 sept. didn't seem to be too bad, and the september oly was slightly more 'a' than the august one. the final sprint in that sequence was probably the best race i had last year.

    if you want to do the oly then i say do it, it'll give you some useful swimming time in if nothing else. otherwise the sprint would be a good laugh anyway.

    as for swimming - if you have had some coaching and know what areas to work on then keep doing it and with any luck the times will come down. if you can find a club or other people to swim with then it won't hurt, too.
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