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Newbie, RE: transitions

Ok, so I've been looking to tri for a long while and finally signed up for a novice event that is run locally. The distances are tiny (100m, 10k, 2.5k) but I wanted to try a small one to get used to the format and environment before doing anything bigger (aspiring to do a 111, as I can do the distances separately with relative ease, but not tried one after another).

Anyway that's all good and well but that has little to do with my question. As its my first tri I was curious as to what I could do to shorten my transitions on my first tri (I don't want to buy loads of kit that I may only use once if I didn't enjoy it). So I have no tri suit or anything along those lines.

My first thought was to use a spare pair of cycling bibshorts for all three disciplines, but swimming in them just seems a bit of a dumb idea.

Shoe wise I might just acquire some elasticated laces for the running shoes as I am lazy like that anyway. My cycling shoes already have a quick fastening/release mechanism.

Suggestions please?

I know this shouldn't bother me too much at this point, but I'm not competitive in the sense that I have to beat everyone else, but I am in the sense that I need to get a good time (by my standards).


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Swim in running shorts,
    bike and run in trainers,
    baggy shirt that is easy to put on when wet,
    the distances are so short that wearing the above will not affect your overal time.
    Don't mess around with towel drying or putting socks on.Talcum powder will do.

    But the most important thing to wear is a smile on your face

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Minimal kit as suggested..then get a layout sorted, I go by order,(from swim) towel to stand on, glasses in helmet, helmet, shoes either side of helmet to step into, grab bike & go...then practice, practice & once you have it down, run around a bit to get breathless & hyped, sweaty & breathless, then do it again & again.
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