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Hi everyone, I'm new to triathlons and this is also my first post.

I've always used a Garmin edge 500 with cadence and heart rate for my cycling and apps for tracking my running but now I want to step up to triathlons I'm seen many different computers, run watches and swim watches.

im confused, is there a one watch does all, swim, cycle, run. What is best, is there a watch that does the swim, pairs with the bike computer then caries on with the run? 


Thanks neil.



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    garmin has a lot of the market, and they do a couple of very good multisport watches that can do s-b-r, and even other activities like hiking, skiing. the fenix3 and 920xt are the current top of the range models. 

    sunnto ambit has a good reputation, similar sort of thing. i think tom-tom have something out there as well. there are some good reviews of all this stuff on the 220 site, and insanely indepth shakedowns out there by a chap called ray maker. 

  • Thanks for the reply I'll have a look into those.



  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Neil - I think that the best thing any of us mortals on this forum can do is direct you to DCrainmaker.com

    If you aren't familiar with the site/blog Ray is THE godfather of endurance sports tech. He reviews basically everything in agonising detail and has numbers charts which you can use to compare pretty much anything that has been released in the sports tech field. Our answers can't possibly compare to the level of detail he will provide.

    One thing to remember, once you have bought into a tech family (e.g. Garmin) it is generally best to stick within that family so you can have all your gadgets complementing each other.

  • Cheers for the tech review site address, loads of reading to do again.


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