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Year race calendar/schedule

Jw87Jw87 Posts: 2

Hi everyone,

I am trying to plan out my 2016 competition year. I am coming from a rugby and running (10k - half marathon) background.

I have a swim coach booked once a week between September and December, 17 sessions in total, as this is my weakest discipline. I also need to work on longer cycling distances but living in Sweden, it's a bit difficult due to the weather. Our first tri-races aren't until May and this year they all cancelled the swimming because of the weather.

Is it realistic to be able to enter 1 event per month during the season?

I understand the concept of A, B, C events. Below is an example of what I am looking at, at the moment.

March - Foreign Half Marathon

April - Cycle?

May - 

June - Sprint Tri, 300km cycle race

July - 3km open water swim

August - Olympic Tri

September - 30km cross country race

I think my biggest issue is tapering and the mental aspect. I am really only looking to set a PB in the half marathon and the others are about completing in a reasonable time. The Olympic Tri would be my A event if I had to pick one. 

The 300km cycle, 3km OW swim and 30km cross country are all part of 'A Swedish Classic' and I'll follow up with 90km cross country skiing in February 2017. These, traditionally, should be completed within 12 months and that's why I am keen to have them all in there.

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