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New to Sport what bike......


[blockquote class=messageText SelectQuoteContainer ugc baseHtml]for triathlons from Sprint to Olympic distance but also need an all round bike to help get my winter miles in.

Had been looking at second hand Boardman pro carbon and a few planet X on ebay but still not really sure.

Will be my first bike, I have £1200 to spend could push it up a bit more if I had to, but also prepared to buy a bike with a good frame and eventually upgrade within time. (just don't tell the wife)

Thank You for all replies in advance.


  • When I was new to the sport (3 years ago) I bought an old 531 racer from an old boy locally for £60 and spent approx £150 'improving' it, isn't Ebay wonderful. At some 20 years old it must have been the oldest machine at the local races. My swim was weakest when I first started and there weren't many bikes left in T1 but the time I got out of the sea.....I passed a lot of carbon on that old bike in the 2 years I raced on it.

    I have a better machine now but that only stands me at about £700, i've always been a fettler so I sourced all the parts from the net and saved quite a bit. I know it sounds like i'm a tight *** but I just don't have much money to spare - teenage kids, killer mortage and unhealthy overdraft. Perhaps I shouldn't have picked such an expensive hobby.

    I've really enjoyed training and competing regardless of being at the budget end though, its 90% engine and 10% gearbox as far as I am concerned and when your engine isn't running at capacity then chucking excessive money at the gearbox is only going to save me a few seconds. Whereas, an extra couple of hours a week spent training.........

    You don't need to have expensive kit to race but if I had surplus money then I would. Shiny bike syndrome does have a positive impact on mental wellbeing £1200 is more than enough to knock yourself out on some nice carbon IMO.

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