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Hi all,

What is your opinion of time trial bikes?

What is your view on time trial bars?

Also ive got around 1700 to spend on a new bike any thoughts on ym choice? road/ tt bikes?

Thanks David


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    What type of race are you intending to do?

    If you are new to triathlon then you are better off getting yourself a nice road bike for that money.  You can always add tri bars if you wish, but you don't need to tbh.

    Nothing wrong with TT bikes.  I have one, but they take getting used to as you are in a more forced aero position.  If you aren't used to it then it can be uncomfortable which isn't what you want to be as a beginner..

    Having said that, if you are desperate for a TT bike you can buy my Cervello for 1700

  • Hi all and gavinp

    Im currently studying at The JCB Academy and im undertaking an EPQ project. This is an independent project which ill based on my sporting activities, Triathlons.

    Im a keen triathlete and aiming to achieve an european qualifying time next year so ill be training all winter!! 

    For my EPQ project I thought to make or design time trial bars that suit people over 6 foot, 350mm length plus. Being tall doesnt help, im 6 foot 4''


    I just wanted your thoughts on the idea, any feedback will be helpful.


    David Fryer-Winder 

    P.S- what bike is it? cervelo?



  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    You may find that there are restrictions on bar length but I don't think that you would need longer tri bars as the frame size is more of a factor..? Plus most tri bars are adjustable..

    Will try and find some info on restrictions.

    Yes its a Cervello p2c
  • Hi all and gavinp,

    Thank you for your comment on my post.

    Any more thoughts on the topic?

    Thanks David


    P.S - what is the maximum limit for the length of time trial bars?

  • Hi David,

    Are you aware that AG championship sprint races will be draft legal from next year so TT bikes and aero bars will not be allowed (or at least that's my understanding)?

    Depending on the course, TT bikes aren't always the best option and for general training a road bike will be more practical and fun. Unfortunately, there isn't a one bike fits all environments so you'll have to compromise what ever you get or you take the route of many and end up with multiple bikes, different wheels etc.


  • HI Macarone,

    Im aware about the drafting regulations for next year.

    Well I do a lot of triathlons so Im thinking of getting a decent road bike or a middle range TT bike!? 

    It would be ace is there was one bike that suits all purposes.

    Thanks David

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