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Swim rules - stopping

My reading of the BTF rules is that in an open water swim it is legal to stop, including putting your feet down on the bottom, so long as you don't make any progress in doing so.  Is that right?

I hasten to add that I don't plan to do this but it's my first tri this weekend and you never know, especially with a back like mine!  Just want to know whether it is technically an option. 


  • Hi Dan,

    Lots of people stop for a breather or to get their bearings during sections of the swim and I've never known anyone to be penalised. I've also seen some swimmers hit shallow waters and get up and run (in an AG qualifier) without penalty. In saying that, I have seen leading swimmers miss the final buoy and be disqualified so there are definitely some rules to adhere to in the swim.

    Good luck! 

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