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Tri bike or race bike for next season??

I have just finished my first year in triathlon, and have definitely caught the bug so looking to buy a new bike. I was going to get a tri bike but with the new drafting rules will I be able to use it in many races?

I will be doing some sprints but mainly standard distance and will be going for age group for standard.

Thanks in advance



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    it probably depends a lot on what bike you already have, what your mid-term ambitions are (getting faster / going longer / both).

    my instinct is that the new drafting rules are going to affect very few races, as i understand it is principally geared toward age group qualifiers / finals. a lot of organisers might offer a drafting race but they are also likely to offer the traditional non-drafting race alongside. 

    you are also likely to be able to pick the races you do, and i would expect there to be plenty of non-drafting events out there, not least the WTC half and full IM events. 

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