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Should I get a professional bike fit?

Has anyone had a professional bike fit? If so what impact had it made on your speed/comfort when racing?

At the moment I'm on a road bike with clip on tt bars and racing from sprint tri's up to Ironman distance. I was wondering whether it's worth getting a professional fit for my road bike? Will it make me faster and more comfortable in long races (I get a bit of neck and shoulder pain in long races).

Any advice would be really appreciated!


  • I had a fit done, was a bit sceptical but the cycling club I'm in got a bulk fitting at a discount.  I noticed an immediate increase in my cadence resulting in a higher average speed, though comfort issues didn't change. (Building core strength is better for that.)  It was quite thorough even adjusting cleat position.
    Though since popping my AC joint long rides are stressing my back so am going back for a refit. (Lost 6Kg since the 1st one as well.)

  • Well worth the money IMO 

    A decent one will discuss your goals, assess you as is and then make gradual adjustments. Should take about an hour.

    You should as a result be more efficient, more comfortable and be able to apply more power.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    going to agree with everyone else! i've had a couple of fits for different bikes and they've been great at working through what i'm doing and how the balance of the bike can help get me there. 

    lots of places out there, with different approaches. i went for an LBS one with a little bit of tech and a lot of talking, watching and tweaking. 

  • Thanks for the advice guys, it's much appreciated!

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