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not a good start.....

First tri of the season on sunday & I have foot strapped up. Have Plantar fasciitis & its painful!
Not run for 2 weeks. It appeared out of the blue & for no obvious reason......
Still..... Im alive, its not terminal, it will get better & Im still going to do the tri...even if I do the run slower than I would normally (& thats bloody slow )


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Not an expert,but... is the strapping on the foot done in a way as to stretch the tendon???

    You can get overnight straps that you sleep in to keep it stretched.

    Sorry about the injury,mine flares up from time to time,and is a pain for the first few steps.
  • To be honest I dont know what it does (if anything) Its pink tape and I dont feel like its on...
    Cant put a picture on here as it says file too big
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    If it is totally strapped up,I assume that the pain did not vanish after a few steps in the morning after you got out of bed.
    Was it strapped by a sports physio or by a general practiononer?,each may have their own views.

    After a few days to rest,what exercise regime have they suggested to rehab it,and did they suggest a cause of the injury,if not,chances are it will reccur.

    Another name for PF is policemans foot,(flatfoot-fallen arches etc),
    an annoying problem,but treated quicy should get you back competing in a couple of weeks hopefully.
  • Saw a physio tonight who put tape on. Saw an Osteopath as an emergency appointment last saturday (a triathlete) who said ok to run, but best to stick to grass!
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