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waterproof Bluetooth headphones

Hi All, I am doing some 10k swims next season, so lots of time in the pool. I really want to listen to music in the pool. Here is the ideal solution; Use my iPhone in a waterproof case with waterproof Bluetooth headphones. Does anyone have a solution? I have seen some headphones which pick up a signal from a long distance, which means I could leave the phone on the pool side. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • Personally, I wouldn't bother with Bluetooth headphones. Once you go underwater, the signal will cut off pretty much straightaway. That's my opinion anyway.

    I think the best thing would be to get a cheap iPod shuffle and Swimbuds.

    Saying that, if you really want waterproof bluetooth headphones, this website highly recommends Plantronics BackBeat Fits so have a look at those.

  • I use Mad Wave headphones like those from http://www.proswimwear.co.uk/mad-wave-aquatone-headphones-short-cord.html web page. They are pretty good with nice sound. I have not had any problems with them at all

  • I would just get a pair of swimbuds, and put your iphone in a waterproof case.  You won't have to worry about anything interfering with the bluetooth signal since they are wired.  Ive never had any luck with bluetooth stuff above water at a longer distance, let alone under water.

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