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Talkback: Adidas unveil 3D-printed shoe concept

If Adidas roll this out with a real view to making it work it could change the way we buy running shoes permanently (and be great for Adidas financially).

To make it appealing though I think there are a few things that have to work properly:

1. it has to be genuinely custom, any foot, any shoe... i.e. it should destroy the market for moulded insoles, if it doesn't its pointless;

2. it needs to be available on a range of shoes, i.e. at least top end racing flats and more supportive pavement pounders, and then add in trail and other varieties sooner rather than later, and it needs to incorporate Adidas' latest tech, e.g. Adiboost;

3. it can't be ridiculously expensive. A pair of these shoes shouldn't be more expensive than the equivalent non-custom shoes plus custom insoles, ideally it should be less.
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