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At event support service

Hi everyone, I've got a weird question. A friend of mine is a cycle technician and has recently set up his own business prepping and servicing bikes. 

He asked me last night if I thought there would be any market for a mobile shop at an event. Doing service/checks/set ups etc the night before an event or early door before an event. 

Being new to this I wasn't sure

Does anyone already offer this service?

If not, would anyone be interested in this kind of service? 


  • I havent seen anything like this in the few years I've been competing - sounds like an awesome idea!

    I'm sure if he approached and offered some kind of profit share arrangement they might advertise his service

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Human Race normally have something like this at Eton based races I think. Not sure the extent to which they will do a "full service" or if its just tune ups on brakes, indexing etc

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i've seen it at a few events. bike shops with a stand who witll do a tune-up / problem solve before an event, or a mechanic service (big events have had these). I'm sure that if your friend speaks to a race organiser they'll be able to agree something. 

  • Thanks for the help everyone!

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