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Elastic Laces - Yes or No?

New to triathlon, I've done one Sprint, and I'm never gonna make the podium! However, I do want to be the best I can. So, the question of Elastic laces. Yes, I know they will save me time in transition. However, will I compromise on 'support'? I guess the best thing would be to give 'em a go, but i was hoping for some feedback from here. Cheers. Pete 


  • Go for them Pete,


    Everybody uses them to save 30 secs in transition, its an easy win for £7.

    I use the ones with a toggle so I can leave them more open in transition then give them a tug to get enough support for the remainder of the event. In my view there is no compromise on support vs normal laces



  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Good for racing in BUT, don't use them while training - because of the lack of support as you have stated.  Keep your laces on for the winter months is the answer.

    Have fun!

  • Definitely, try a few different ones to see what suits you best e.g. greepers or the usual sort. I use greepers and they are fine for using in training as well as racing as they aren't elastic. They are regular laces but have an entry method which is very quick. I've also used elastic laces, you just need to tweak them on a few practice runs before you use them for a race but as Gavin said, I wouldn't train in them every day. If the run is off-road then I'd go for greepers as I think they hold the foot better but as long as you fit either one properly they both work and will save you time.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    lots of options available for increasing support out there, too - xtenses and greepers laces can provide a bit of variation across the shoe. 

    i use them, and usually train in them, too. the longer the distance of tri that i do, the less likely i am to use them, though. 

  • NEVER EVER race in something you do not train in, ever. The only thing would be wheels...and even then you need to ride them a few times.

  • They will take 20 secs off your time, which is a lot on a sprint!! go for it

  • BaldyBaldy Posts: 16

    Thanks all, started using them this week in training...so far, so good

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    I've used elastic laces in all my running shoes including my off-road shoes pretty much since they first came on market , never noticed any problems or any difference between racing with them or training with them , I've used them from sprint to ironman events and off road du/tri with success .
  • Hi, 

    I do sprint triathlons across the country and training for europeans qualifying times. Elasticized laces save a hell of a lot of time when it comes to racing, as i've found over the 2 years of racing they have been a wise move. trying to get on shoes quickly without them its quite hard. i would invest in a pair.

    Thanks David

  • BaldyBaldy Posts: 16

    Did 10 miles in them last nite, didn't feel like I compromised on support 

  • Do you realise you just invoked the 'day after, the day after' pain demon?

  • BaldyBaldy Posts: 16

    Just pulled a calf muscle laughing at that...coincidence???

  • No pain no game!! 

    that's what i say when racing


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  • Yep, they're an easy time-saver. And nothing screams 'I'm a triathlete' like a pair of elastic laces!


  • I'm a tri newbie this year - completed four sprints between April and October, and after the first event I invested in elastic laces. They're fab, and I don't feel unsupported in the foot area when they are pulled tight using the toggle.

  • Hi, 

    I'm going to use the below, anyone who has used them yet? Any ideas? How good they are?



  • Once they are elastic, they'll do the job. How do they lock? The ones I use have a little toggle that allows you to adjust the tension and then lock that in place.

  • Elastic laces are the way to go, they provide more then enough support (not as much as normal laces, but its enough) and it makes it easier to transition.

  • BaldyBaldy Posts: 16

    I've been using the 'toggle' variety, currently training for a Marathon and up to 16 miles, and I've had no issues with support 

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