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After getting into triathlon 3 years ago, I've now signed up for a full distance event next Sept.  Up to now have done a variety of sprint, olympic and in 2014 one middle distance.  In terms of my strengths/weaknesses it goes in the order of the event, swimming being my strongest, running weakest (not sure where nutrition lies in the list but that's probably a whole new thread!).  Before the middle I had never run 13 miles before and it will likely be the same case for the 26 miles.  I've started to look at training plans/events which has raised the question, would it be beneficial/wise to do a middle distance 10 weeks before the full as part of the training or should I just stick to "plan" distances and shorter events.  Any advice, observations, opinions would be welcome.  


  • Sounds a bit like my run up to a full as well. A few sprints, an Olympic and just recently, a half. Full next year. I would say, with my limited knowledge, that a half that far away from a full would be good training, but I wouldn't push it much closer than that. And I would be using it as a training race to see where I was at, and not flogging myself. Your main training plan is the key there. I would humbly suggest too that you get some more miles on the legs for the run. I'm sure you felt the pressure on the half marathon in the middle distance event... I know I did, and running would be my better event. The full at the end of the longer event could be a killer. I'm wobbly thinking about it... and it's not 'til August! Best of luck though. Where are you going for a training schedule? Declan


  • I've just signed on to the forum with the intention of getting some support for IM training - rather than start my own I thought I'd add to this one if that's ok, and perhaps others will join in!

    I'm entered for Copenhagen in August 2016, will be my first. I've done around 5 middle distance races, also 9 full marathons, but I know this is going to be a whole new ball game! Running is probably my strongest discipline, swim def the worst!

    I don't have a training plan set yet, although from previous experience I know I need to do this to be able to focus properly.

  • Looks like we're all in the same boat so. Best of luck. A good plan is essential, as long as it's realistic. No point flogging yourself. Despite the apparent craziness of it all, you can still enjoy the training and the day itself. No great pearls of wisdom to offer other than make sure not to neglect the open water swimming. You don't need to be the first to exit the water, but you certainly want to finish, and not be in rag order for the bike. By all means use the pool for the bulk of your training, but make sure you have a really decent wetsuit, and use it as often as you can. And train with bilateral breathing if you don't already do so, and use nice long even strokes. Avoid trying to keep up with speedy fliers in the next lane in the pool. Won't do anything for your training, stroke, breathing or confidence.

  • I used a generic published 12 week plan for the half which got me through.  Was thinking of going down a similar route for the full together with foundation training before this but not sure whether this will be specific enough to enable me to improve the running side of things. 

  • I probably used a similar programme too. As long as the running element isn't generic stuff, then you should be okay. There should be specific speed drills, hills and pace runs in there, etc. Based of course, on your own paces and rates of effort (or zones). Keep us posted.

  • How is the ironman training going, people? I'm into the swing of it now, up to around 13hours of training a week. About 6 or 7 weeks til my 70.3 in Mallorca. Fitting in enough cycling is probably the hardest part, fitting around work which involves travelling around. Swimming at 7am is the only way to get that side of it done!

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