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Closed road tri's

Would any of you fine people be able to advise on whether there are any fully road closed tri's at OD, MD & LD level within the UK.

reason I ask is last year I did the Cowman MD and during the cycle leg of the course I personally nearly crashed due to a numpty in a 4x4 not giving enough room but also witnessed very aggresive and impatient overtaking by car drivers on the main road that leads to and passes transition.

I get enough near missses when out training (bike and run) and therefore take a more considered approach to my safety but I'd like to be able to race without worrying too much about a ton of metal being used as some sort of suppository.posting.php?mode=post&f=13#




  • risris Posts: 1,002
    bristol harbourside tri (oly and sprint i think) is on closed roads, or was last year. brilliant race, made all the better for the only sound on the bike leg being that of cyclists zipping about (and laboured breathing).

    i nearly totalled two old dears who were pottering along the paths during the run leg, though, despite the marshalls trying to warn them that they were wandering through the course!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Isnt the nottingham area ones done by onestepbeyond all on closed roads round the lake?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Yes Nottingham is a tri in a stadium, family, friends and work colleagues can sit in the grandstand or BBQ on the grassbanks and watch the whole proceedings.

    Liverpool triathlon is also fully closed.
  • Blenheim?
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    aanything at dorney lake.

    mind you.. try n ot to doze off on the multiple bike laps..

    If you qualify for the olympics the hyde park course is all closed road IIRC!

  • Ecosse69Ecosse69 Posts: 4
    Cheers folks

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to store them for next year as went over on ankle, again, during last nights run :-( . more layoff,more recovery, less racing..... b****cks.


    Has anyone done the Stockton Tri? found it when trawling the internet for possibles.
  • durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246

    I've done Stockton (well the super sprint in 2009 and the mini last year) and I'm hoping if the injuries stay away to do the OD this year.

    It's flat but the bike course can get kinda crowded and it's quite twisty. I think in 2009 a number of people felt the marshalling on the run course wasn't great - bit more than a minor pain if you go head for the 10 km when you should be on the 5 km route and vice versa.

    Does that help?

  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    They chav boy racers were a bit twattish at the cowman last year.... I think that might be a one off though..... Dont let that ruin your plans. Just ride sensibly and you'll be fine .
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Bala Standard and Liverpool are I think.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    London is a closed circuit as well.

    Just a shame it's £exorbitant and in London...
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