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Chronic hiccups

Just tried to do a 'big day' of training (1 hour swim plus 5 hour ride plus 3 hour swim) a la Joe Friel as part of my ironman training. However I had to abort the run because I got chronic hiccups towards the end of the bike and trying to run just made them worse. They are at best very uncomfortable and can be really painful, and also mean it's very difficult to eat or drink - it's a potential DNF problem. I've had this before, sometimes on long hard bike rides and a couple of times on triathlons, but I thought it was under control now. Could be going to fast ( but I didn't today - I'm not that quick, but not a newbie - average 18 mph today with HR 116 - about race pace), could be the coke I drank after the swim ( but I had a 90 min break before the ride) could be riding on the tri bars, but it's a bit of a worry. Has anyone else experienced this? Or even better, solved it? Thanks for any feedback
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