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Beginner Ironman Distance weekend workshop

I'm putting together ideas for a weekend workshop in the Autumn for anyone who's thinking of doing an Ironman distance race next year. Any interest?? Will be run in the Lakes; a weekend hopefully in October as you'll be training from 1st November (ish); intended entirely for beginners to this event (you don't even need to have done a middle distance race); especially for those who wonder how on earth one of these events can be done for less than £10,000; will cost way under £100 (and the more that attend, the cheaper it gets); will cover everything you need to know to finish an Ironman distance race (but not necessarily how to go under 8 hours!)

Who's it for?
Got a Powermeter? Probably not, you've already spent more than I have on a bike, wetsuit, running shoes...
Want to know whether you need a tri bike or road bike for a long distance race? Yes
Own a £5000 carbon bike for training? No!
Limited budget? Yes
Want to know how to organise a training programme? Yes

Ok, that gives an idea, need any other info? Please contact me if you might be remotely interested in this sort of workshop, here or [email protected]


  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Tell us a bit about you if you wouldn't mind.

    What are you qualified in ?

    Are you a coach ? To what level ?

    Have you done an IM?

    Have you done these days before ?

    Etc etc
  • Ok, what am I qualified in? I have a Sports Science Degree but I'd agree that this doesn't actually mean very much - it wasn't a particularly hard degree course.

    I'm definitely not a triathlon coach. I do teach mountaineering & rock climbing for a living, so I'm used to coaching in that respect.

    I've entered and completed 4 Ironman distance races:- Embrun, Black Country Longest Day, and Challenge Barcelona twice. I'm doing the Challenge Vichy long distance race this year. My times are unbelievably modest 14.30 or so for Embrun to 11.55 for Black country and 12.40 & 12.20 for Barcelona.

    And no, I haven't run this exact weekend before.

    The idea has come from a couple of people completing (rather than competing) at this level to offer our own personal experience of tackling this event. Of course we can't guarantee that you'll break any world records; we can't promise that you'll qualify for Hawaii - I guess there are plenty of companies out there that might make that claim. The idea is to run a workshop with simple (!), uncomplicated advice to the person who may be thinking of doing a LD event but either thinks that they can't do it or can't afford it, and to send them away with enough info on what they might need to buy (and what possibly not to), how to set up a training programme and which race to enter. Also a chance to meet others in the same boat and to swap ideas. I'd also like to include individual swim, bike and run mini workshops on this weekend with suitably knowledgeable/qualified individuals. This doesn't need to be a money making workshop - as long as our costs are covered we don't need to charge £299 for the privilege (and couldn't justify doing so anyway). It's just an idea for now - simply curious in interest. Hope that may help. I'd welcome other comments please.
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