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SWIM Drills

Hi....my date is looming, and it's all becoming very real!!


Just wondering if anyone had any 'drills' they found helpfull?



  • good luck with "the date".

    one i do most sessions is a fingertrail drill. from hand exit, try to drag the tips of your fingers along the top of the water.

    find this helps with getting elbows high and hands in good catch position.
  • epacseepacse Posts: 92
    Thanks....ha...yeah, more nervous than i was on my first one of them as well!!

    Ok, will give it a try!

    I have to swim a mile tonight, so wish me luck!!

  • tony btony b Posts: 57
    I find pretending to "swim through a tube" helpful - it makes you taller in the water
  • I have found youtube really helpful for swim drills.

    There is quite a few that go through a number of drills, all explained and demonstrated very well.

    I guess its no subsitute for a coach, but its a good start.

    Best of luck

  • epacseepacse Posts: 92
    Hi...Ahh, the wonder of modern technology!

    I'll try there, thanks very much!

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    maybe this is a helpfull link: http://www.swim.ee/models/_free_swim1.html ,

    more then drills here, really plenty of info on it.
  • epacseepacse Posts: 92
    thanks Benn, muchly appreciated!

  • AbiBAbiB Posts: 8
    http://www.beatyourpb.com/ - This site is brilliant for streaming vids of different swim drills and good technique. Even better is that it has a bike and run section too.

    Try the Torpedo Drill (a series of drills explained across 4 x editions of 220 last year). It really gets your body rolling so you can aspire to become that 'blade' following your head through the water. You may experience near-drowning on the first couple of attempts but once you've got the body rolling far enough on each side, you'll breathe easily.

  • epacseepacse Posts: 92
    Hi....thanks very much for this, great site!

    I will endevour to get 'torpedo' like!

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