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Aero TT bars to Road bike bars on a TT bike?

So last year I was on a island that was completely flat and the distances that could be rode was up to 40 miles unless rode the same route twice. Being flat all the way around I decided to buy myself a Jamis Comet 2012 TT bike. However the problem now, I live in Cornwall with many hills! 


I think ink my Crankset is alright for hill riding, but I'm unsure about my handle bars. I want to start cycling longer distances and work up to a 100 miler. However the aero bars may not be a good choice, is that correct? (Just been informed maybe my crankset isn't right but the cassette is? (Specs on link below)).


What do you guys recommend I should do? Keep with the handle bars I have already, or place road bike bars on and change the gears to STI style?


My bike and specs are here...




As you can tell I'm fairly new to this all. Any help is massively appreciated. 


thanks in advance.

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