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Training after infection/illness

I ended up having a week in hospital in the first half of December due to an infected cut on my that ended up taking over my whole body. It knocked me for 6, but after a huge amount of antibiotics via IV I was eventually allowed home with a goodie bag of more antibiotics, this time as tablets. I'm doing Ironman UK in July and have been doing about 12-15 hours a week training. When can I resume this? I did a 5k park run today and was a lot slower. I tried a turbo ride yesterday, but gave up as the normal spinning gear felt like my resistance gear for my interval training bursts. As for swimming and core, I've not done any in 3 weeks as infection started in the arm and its not ready yet. Worried if I leave it too long I'll lose fitness at same time my aim is to recover.


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    You need to take your time coming back... my advice:

    1. forget going straight back to 12-15 hours - you'll have to build back up to that.

    2. You'll need to accept that you won't be pushing the same numbers as before, as with volume you will need to cut back the intensity and build that back in gradually - if you've been in hospital with a serious infection you won't be as strong and as you say you need to recover properly first.

    3. You have LOADS of time until July. I would only start worrying if you aren't able to do the training you want to be doing come March.

    It's really frustrating (I have had three separate injuries in the past 12 months and one involved surgery) but use this opportunity to work on lower intensity work - think of it as enforced winter miles. Just be patient, I promise you it will be worth it!

  • Andrew, thanks for the response.

    It was very reassuring and allowed me to take it easy without flapping. I'm gradually ramping up the training now but not going crazy.
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    No problem - glad it helped and hope you are making steady progress back to where you want to be.

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