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Foot Pain Whilst Swimming

I have recently started to do some of my runs (around 10k) from the gym before my long swim sessions. On a few occasions towards the end of sessions or especially at the end of longer sets 1000m+ I quickly get a pain under the arch on only one of my feet. At first I thought this was down to pushing off the wall with that foot but focusing on my good foot has not made a difference.

The pain comes on quickly and requires me to stop and stretch the foot before I can manage to swim the remainder of the session. I have had my running gait video analysed and there was no problems as I have a neautral foot strike. And the pain has not been apparent in my general running only swimming. Has anyone else had any similar issues, given that there is no musculature under the foot and so I think cramp is ruled out, though it feels like it, was it tendonitis or a strain to the plantar fascia? Any similar experiences and subsequent advice would be much appreciated.
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