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Nutrition during a 70.3

Hi everyone, 


I'm looking to do my first 70.3 this year and I'm a little confused when it comes to nutrition on the bike a run legs.  

I'm making the bold assumption that the drinks and food at the various feed stations on the course (I'm looking at doing the Ultimate Half in Whitchurch) are included in the entry fee as there are no mention of prices - I know that seems like a dumb question but I want to be sure!

At theses feed stations are there areas where you can jettison empty bottles etc before picking up new ones, Again I'm guessing you're not expected/allowed to lob the bottles into a hedge at random points on the bike route

what kind of fuel mix should I be taking on? mainly gels? Flapjacks for a bit of a slower carb release?  Should I take one water and one electrolyte bottle or 2x electrolyte? 

I'm planning on trying the various High5 products to see what works for me but what if it doesn't agree with my gut?  how do I fuel a 3-4hrs of riding and well over two hours of running (I'm a bit slow) 

Thanks in advance!


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Hi.  Yes fuel stations are included in the price of your entry.  There are normally lots of bins to throw rubbish into as well at the stations.

    The art of nutrition on long races is an individual thing.  You are doing the right thing by trying the gels now rather than waiting on the day and finding that they make you ill.  If they don't work for you there's nothing wrong with you taking your own (when you have tried various makes now and found what works for you).

    Personally I take water in my bottle with Nuun and another one with just water and take gel shots with the odd bit of food in between.  Others fill a bottle with gels and take a sip of that with water.  There's all sorts of ways to do it - just find what works of you.

    In terms of foods - nothing that will sit too heavily on your stomach.  Do a Google search and you will find all sorts of info and recommendations.  Try out what sounds right for you and experiment.  It's the best way as you are going to need to fuel your body for the run too from the bike leg.  Don't eat too much though: Rregular bites and sips.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Have fun!


  • Thanks Gavin, 

    For my standard distance I was using SIS 'Go' gels and Electrolyte drinks. To be honest I was hoping the HIGH5 drink stuff they'll be handing out will be pretty similar  - so I've got some on order -although I know I can't use there energy bars as I'm allergic to coconut (not any other nut...  just coconut)

    The other, rather awkward question.... during the 7+hrs its going to take me will there be place on course to 'carb unload'?

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Carbon unloading..Yes but normally just around the transition area depending on the course that is so check with the event organisers.
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Hi Rob

    I did my first 70.3 this year and tried to take a mixed fuelling strategy - although I have never found any form of sugary crap to cause me problems.

    It was a bit cold and rainy and I don't drink much anyway. So:

    1. Gels on the bike and run, between 2 and 3 per hour.

    2. During 1st 3/4 of bike I ate powerbar chocolate peanut butter wafers... these are pretty solid, I find them easy to open and nibble on when in the tuck and provide something solid and a different taste to fruity gels.

    3. I then had a bottle of double strength powder mix (CNP) and grabbed limited water as required on the bike

    4. On the run I stashed a bottle of lucozade (750ml) with my run shoes that I sucked on early in the run (I don't like drinking as I ride so this tops up my energy and my liquids) and then picked up dud coke, high5, water and gels to taste/desire.

  • I will endorse all that has been said here and add that I would recommend also having something savoury to eat to counteract the sweet taste of everything else you will be eating and drinking.  I've found that a few snack size scotch eggs work for me but a savoury sandwich with, say, cheese spread will do the same.

  • I have my first 70.3 this year also and was chatting to a friend who competes in IM. He recommended fluid unloading whilst riding! Who knew...

  • That was going to be my next question, I'm a little hazy on the laws of public nudity/relief. Are you allowed to pull over and 'feed a hedge' if your bladder hits capacity?


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    You shouldn't need to - if you have enough to urinate out then you have drunk too much or aren't sweating enough (i.e. work harder, drink less).

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    Coach Mark 



  • rob chalmersrob chalmers Posts: 113

    To be honest no Mark, I trust their products less than their shady pyramid selling system.  (personal opinion)


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