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Advise in training

I'm new the world of tri - 1st step has been achieved-race has been entered?
The training is going A OK! Just got the a tri suit! Can anyone advise me whether I should do some training with it on? Any other help would be most appreciated
Thanks for your help


  • LancsRiderLancsRider Posts: 205

    the more you can practice and reherse your race strategy prior to your event the better, this includes transitions, nutrition and of course clothing. You are bound to learn things through gaining racing experience, but you can do a lot in training as well. In the race you want to focus on your race strategy, pace etc... the last thing you want to worry about or be distracted by are things like clothing so become familiar with wearing your new tri suit in all three disciplines before the event.
  • Thanks for the advise! Will give it all ago!
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