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Neck pain


 Hi all,

I have been experiencing constant stiffness in my neck, I don’t know why, but it remains for more than 2 months. I feel uncomfortable because of this stiffness and pain. My chiropractor in Pinewood Natural Health care in Toronto had checked the muscles in the front of my neck and had advised me to do some neck exercises along with the therapy. But I’m not able to move my neck to aside. Can anyone suggest me some tips and techniques to reduce the pain?


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    You expect a bunch of well meaning amateurs to advise where professional help is available? Time for a reality check.

    Give your chiropractors therapy time to work & what about follow up appointments? If that treatment path doesn't work try a physio or osteopath.
  • I would just try giving the chiropractor and therapy some more time to work.  For some people it takes a bit longer to work out any sort of stiffness.  And if that doesn't work, see a specialist to see if it is something more severe.

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