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Longest session advice

hi, I did my first Olympic tri last year. 3.20 @ Liverpool. Not fast but great  for me. Aiming to beat 3 next time but how long should my longest session be. 

Swim was poor at 44 mins so needs work

i did 1:40 for the bike also needs work. Aim for 1.30

run 52 which was fine.

Q. What should my longest training session be?  3hrs on the bike to reflect total race time Or double bike time.  2 hr run doublle run time?


  • Most definitely not those kinds of times - if structured well you could do a good half ironman with these training times.

    I'd suggest consistency in training be your first priority so you have sessions you can commit to regularly and then it depends on how many sessions per discipline per week you can commit to.

    Swim - you should aim for 40-60min per session but with a structured session, not just swimming

    Bike - as a long ride, 3hrs max will suffice, but build up to it, and include other sessions

    Run - no point in going longer than 1hr as a long run, but again do more sessions

    Hope that helps, but more is not better, its how you structure it and quality is always better

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