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Training makes me ill

From having loads of energy and really looking forward to training sessions, I now go into them with trepidation as most of the time I feel ill afterwards, although during I feel absolutely fine.  I end up feeling nauseous, absolutely shattered (no matter the distance or time), palpitations and depression(strangely) I also quite often get panic attacks when I'm out so have changed to training indoors, spinning and using the treadmill.  I sweat a lot so not sure if this could have something to do with the nausea.  However, being female and 49, it could relate to the beginnings of the menopause   Not really wanting to go to the doctors so just wondered if any other people have had these problems?


  • Have you checked your salt/electrolyte levels. I used to get crazy headaches and fatigue when racing (or just after) I'd taken on plenty of water but not enough Electro-gubbins which left me depressed, drained, ready to hurl my breakfast (i did once or twice) an barely able to function. I needed to lie down in a dark room and I'd loose the rest of the day or until my body brought itself back into balance after getting the right stuff into me.  


    I hope at 34, and male, I wasn't going through the change


  • SuzyMMSuzyMM Posts: 3
    Ha, ha, ha, you probably weren't!

    Thanks for your reply though, that sounds all familiar. I never put salt in my food or use it in cooking and probably should with sweating a lot. How can I check my levels or is it just a case of experimenting with electrolyte tablets etc?
  • I actually went to my doctor about my headaches and they suggested a elctrolyte panel which highlighted the problem for me. 

    I too avoid adding salt to food either prepared, or while cooking !

    Some friends have suffered the same thing and just the switch to using isotonic drinks instead of plain water and/or and Electrolyte tab in their mix drink on longer rides has helped them. But Personally I'd see a doctor, profeesional advice is always best on health matters especially if effects mood 



  • Lisa GLisa G Posts: 29

    Hi SuzyMM

    This sounds like your are getting dehydrated.  It hasnt happend to me while training (as I tend not to push myself hard when training - wrong I know!!), but after an event whether 10k or 10 mile run, within 10-15 minutes I started feeling rough.  Nausea, tired, and generally wanting to curl up and die.  I did some searching on the internet and it was classic dehydration.  So I started to experiment before an event.  A pint of water before hand with an electrolite tablet (usually sipped en-route to the event, as I struggle to drink it.  Then before the event (about half hour before) either a banana with water or a quarter of a peanut butter sandwich.  This has worked for me.  After the event, if I have managed to drink water whilst going round, I try not to have a drink for about half an hour and then water with a ginger biscuit and another quarter of a peanut butter sandwich.  Up to now this has worked.  

    I tried recently without it (thinking was it just a coincidence) and true to form I was in bed for the rest of the afternoon.  When I did come round and decided to live, a chip butty is all that I could stomach.  

    I hope you find something that works for you, as there is nothing worse than feeling rough..... they say exercise is supposed to be good for you and make you feel great.  

    Best of luck.


  • SuzyMMSuzyMM Posts: 3
    Thanks! I bought some electrolyte tablets and I'm consciously drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. I certainly feel loads better now, which is great ????
  • Hi Suzy,

    Sounds as if you have got the bottom of it but I would defo focus on your hydration after working out. I will drink up to 2lts shortly afterwards.

    Good luck

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    As well as under electrolytes, if you have trained for more than about an hour then in a fasted or semi-fasted state, unless you are used to training fasted, then you may suffer from lower blood sugar levels which can cause me to get nauseous occasionally.

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