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Talkback: 10 reasons why you should never, ever, date a triathlete...

Sorry but this article is nonsense. I love dressing well even during weekends, no flip flops, my sex drive doubles even during peak training for ironman, my conversation topic is never about my bike splits or running shoes but about life and current affairs, I am not in love with my bike, and I love having a social life. Actually date a Triathlete, there are many types and personalities


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    1. I notice you don't actually claim to be a triathlete, only leave us to infer that you might be a duathlete.

    2. Brunty is a triathlete and I suspect the article was written with the input of his long suffering wife, as a triathlete I can see many of these trends in myself, albeit the article is an over exaggeration for COMIC EFFECT - we come back to this at point 3.

    3. Get a sense of humour

    4. Just because YOU think you are interesting, well dressed and don't spend your time talking about bike and run (you don't mention whether you talk about swim times so either point 1 applies or you spend your time talking about swimming) it doesn't mean that you don't spend more time talking about biking and running than normal people would like.

    5. This one is really important - go to a website called Google and type in the little box that's there "What is a joke" read the responses and then also try "What is a sense of humour". Once you have done this revisit point 3 above.

  • Based on David's comment below, there's another reason:

    11. Triathletes take themselves way too seriously
  • This article has been written for a joke - although a lot of what was written is actually pretty relevant to most triathletes.


    Have a laugh

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