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best swimming boots/socks

I am after a good pair of swimming boots/socks for cold water training.

I have an orca wetsuit so I bought a pair of orca neoprene socks to match but I am not really happy with them, they fill up with water really easily which is not the best when swimming

what do you guys recommend ?


  • I live in Scotland and my wife and I swam all through last winter in our local loch.  Needless to say we wear a lot of neoprene!  (I wear more than her because I feel the cold more).  

    Which Orca are you using and are you tucking them under you wetsuit legs?  (i.e. the wetsuit ankles are on top of the booties)  We use the Orca Hydro Booties and they're pretty good.

    However, in the coldest water (under 6C) I put a pair of Zone3 Thermal Booties on top.  Again - always make sure the legs of your wetsuit are on top of the booties so they don't fill with water.  

    Likewise with gloves.  Roll your sleeves back, put on gloves, then roll them back. I put a list of what we wear on my blog which might be useful - hope so.



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