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Deferment - Refund Rules

Just after some advice - I picked up a grade 2 ankle sprain last weekend and with it being only 6 weeks until the Blenheim Tri I thought I'd better check on the deferment rules in case I'm not fit to run.  I was surprised to find that their version of deferment was that they will offer you a place in next years event but you still have to pay.  In other words you lose this years fee in total.  Is this normal?  



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    With big events that always fill up pretty much so. Especially if it is commercially organised. Also depends on how close the event is. With 10 to 35% of fields not turning up on the day refunds could put the events into financial peril if all no shows put in for refunds leading up to the event. Generally those that sell out early have more no shows

    However, some organisers do try & keep the event full by operating waiting lists and so sell on withdrawals returning some of the entry fee if the entry sells. TriHard and Durty are two such organisers

    Club organised events are generally good at refunds if they can sell on the entry. In my experience Chester Tri are brilliant at this - so take a bow. Windermere Tri also deferred a friends entry
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