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C02 inflators

Hi I'm racing abroad for the first time this summer and wanted to ask if anyone know whether or not you can put CO2 cartridges in with the bike? I've tried looking at Ryanair's website and it's unclear.

Any tips on packing the bike - I've borrowed a bikeboxalan and been told to take of the bars and seat. Whats ths best way to secure the bars to secure the bars, chain and rear mech? 

Many thanks




  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    I've been asked about CO2 cartridges at some airport check ins but not many. Remember it may not be Ryanair staff doing it so may try & ban things that the airline allow. Just like some insist on deflating tyres when Ryanair & EasyJet, who they represent, don't require it.

    Put them in with your bike. This is what I've done with latex inflaters without problems. The worst is that you could have a couple of quids worth of cartridges seized. These can generally be easily be replaced on arrival.
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