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Strava vs Training Peaks or...something else?

I've been using Strava for a year or so now and really like the simplicity of it.  Great for logging activities and looking at the big picture.

I was thinking about moving up to premium but can't really see that it's worth it - I only use a HRM not a power meter. And there are no built in triathlon training plans.

So I looked at TP - this looks great but complex.   I get the feeling you need a power meter to really get the value from it.

Any suggestions - are there any good alternatives?  


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I think you can do a lot with TP without a PM. I am confident that TPs run analytics will be comfortably ahead of Strava and what I will say is that it is no coincidence that a lot of coaches use TP for their athlete monitoring as it allows you to look at things like cumulative training load etc etc.

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