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Achilles support

Hi all Been training for the Staffs Ironman and over the last few weeks have stopped running due to a sore achilles. It's certainly well into recovery but would be interested if any of you have used any kind of supports come raceday? I've been using k-tape over last few weeks to aid recovery but never whilst running (I normally wear compression socks) Any advice would be great. Cheers


  • Get yourself booked into a chiropractor as soon as you can, you're in pain because somethings not quite right.

    Also what kind of intensity are you running at? Low intensity, aerobic running shouldnt result in Achilles injuries 

  • RichgRichg Posts: 5
    Hi most of my running has been at a zone 2 pace with a few intervals. Don't ask me why but my last 3 runs prior to pain were almost flat out runs. Obviously the problem! I'm seeing an osteopath weekly who happens to be an ex GB triathlete and is being a great help.

    Just wanted recommendations on achilles supports? Cheers
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    If you feel you need a support I personally wouldn't be running on it. I wouldn't be sure such a thing exists as unlike knees and ankles, Achilles injuries tend not to be caused by twisting/ instability but stretching which you can't really support for... but why not ask your osteopath.

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