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Dragon Ride - medio

Hi, I'm due to do this sportif in a couple of weeks - it's the medium 95 mile route. Anyone done this who can give any tips or advice? Thanks


  • SkettySketty Posts: 24

    I live in Swansea and have ridden those hills many many times, the Dragon is a real spectacle, love seeing all those bikes especially those first two climbs. Don't gun it to hard on those as it easy to carried away, there's a fair bit to do after but its not an arduous ride after Rhigos Mountain, the medio is just a nice easy ride all round really. As always cycling is a great excuse for eating lots but the feed stations are very busy so take a little extra food with you. Take care on the descents, especially in the wet, they are very fast indeed, you can reach 60-70kmh without even trying.

  • JameslyJamesly Posts: 69

    Hi Sketty, thanks for the advice.  I've read how bad the stations are and cant believe there are only two on this route.  Looking forward to the ride, hopefully it will be a sunny day!

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