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pm race start

Im entered into the Blenheim tri in a couple of weeks and I've just got my race pack through with my wave time, I'm one of the last to go at 14:55. Trouble is all of my training and previous races have been early morning and I haven't a clue what to have for lunch. I know its only a small detail but it has thrown me a bit. I doubt if I'll have time to do any mid-afternoon training before the race due to work and home commitments. 

Any advice would be gratefully received.  


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190


    I had a 1:40pm start for my race this weekend at Eton Dorney so had a similar balancing act on my pre-race nutrition. Especially as the 2-3 hour window was right when I would be needing to get in the car and head over to the race.

    This is how I dealt with it:

    Got up 9:30, ate my usual breakfast pre-race/training (muesli, banana, coffee).

    I then relaxed and had a "brunch" which was a bagel with a couple of poached eggs. With a good dab of butter this gives you a nice mix of carbs, fat and protein but at about 3 hours or so pre-race was out of my stomach come the off.

    I then settled into my usual pre-race fuelling routine, i.e. caffeine, hydration and a pre-race bar and this worked very well. It might be that something similar works for you, get your usual big breakfast in and then pick something that you like, with a nice balance but importantly low fibre.

    The last think you want to do is throw down lots of leaves and fibrous food which doesn't provide much energy but requires a lot of gastric digestion. If you like peanut butter then that's a general favourite for many, if not then I can highly recommend my poached eggs approach.

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