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Cleveland steelman

Hi thinking of registering for this as first middle distance, put off a bit by 'steelman' wondering if any one has done and if it's a particularly tough bike or run, would hate to miss cut off


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Suppose it is called Steelman because the organising club is Cleveland which largely depended on making steel and then making things out of it such as ships and bridges. Also best not use the word Iron for Ironman distance (and half distance) races.

    You don't need to be made of girders to race it. Ellerton Park Lake is clear, clean and popular for OWS. The bike and run routes are flat. Not pan flat but about as flat as you would want with a little variety to maintain interest.

    I've done Standard distance races using the same swim venue and pretty much the same bike & run and times have been fast.
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