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To Powermeter? Or not to Powermeter?

Hello all,

Newbie here. I have been reading lots of old threads and soaking up all your combined wisdom. Avid swimmer since HS and ran cross country in Uni, but cycling is the weak link for me. I have been relying on my bike computer and post in the interest of getting your take on bringing down my time and improving power on the cycling leg of races (have done HIMs thus far and planning on IMs soon). Roadie friend of mine swears by his powermeter, but I wanted to get a second opinion from people actually doing triathlons. Do you guys use them? Best one to get? Best place to buy, etc.

If not, why not? Are there cons?

Any and all opinions greatly appreciated.

Again, I am a bit of a newbie in this arena, so thank you in advance for your time!!!


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Have used one now for over 2 years & find it a great training aid. I use Garmin Vectors linked to a Garmin Edge 810 computer. Analysis is via Golden Cheetah (Training Peaks and Xhale are others) software which is free. Training ideas and zones come from Joe Friel's Power Meter Handbook.

    In use: Feedback motivates effort on the hard Zone 4 or 5 workouts. Feedback during rides to keep within endurance (zone 2) and recovery (zone 1) rides helps keep me fresh for the hard ones. That is Easy Rides Easy & hard Rides Hard

    Pros: Power and performance have increased over time. Pacing during races has improved through working on output rather than 'listening to my body'

    Cons 1: Cost. Looking at around ??1k spend

    Cons 2: You have to get the whole package and be disciplined to maximise improvements. Without a training plan you would be wasting your time. Without some means of analysis you won't know how you are doing.

    Cons 3: Your training zones will be yours so potentially lots of solo training especially race prep work. Could be a Billy no mates

    Best place to buy. Just bought mine from the web at best prices. Warranties are with the manufacturer rather than the retailer
  • Harry,

    Thanks so much for your reply, greatly appreciated! I am starting to realize (and your post helps to confirm) that really putting some time into learning HOW to use the data is a large and very necessary part of utilizing a PM. Promising to hear that you have experienced gains and that your pacing has improved, I've been a "listen to the body" kinda guy myself. Not very scientific and not efficient. 

    Cons 1 & 3 are not a big deal, but 2 will be the hardest part I think, gotta stick with it and yes I hear you on the training plan.

    Thanks again!


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