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I am fast finding out that my current adamo prologue is causing chaffing/pain between the peritoneum/legs, think it is the width/length of the front arms.  

This thought is after trying 3 different pair of bib shorts and a bike fit.

Anyone know of a tri saddle that doesnt cause undue discomfort after 60/70miles


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Know what you mean. Only wear tri-shorts when riding mine.

    The prongs on mine narrow slightly towards the front. So try moving it backwards so that your sit-bones are supported on a narrower part when in the aero tuck position rather than perching on the bits that are getting rubbed
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I saw the title and was already bringing up ISM info on another page... so that's no use to you.

  • There is this http://www.ismseat.com/saddle/pn-11

    Its 110mm rather than 135mm.

    I did quite abit of investigating before I bought this. I have narrow hips for a female and have not had a problem with this since purchase last Summer.


  • tri petetri pete Posts: 3

    You can try zip tying the rails at the front to pull them together making the saddle narrower.I had the same problem and in the end got a John Cobb cycling saddle ....that cured it for Me.


  • I had the Adamo Road and had the same problem. I've tried a few different saddles for my TT bike with no success until I recently tried and then bought a fizk tritone 6.5 (they also do a 5.5) It is the most comfortable race saddle I've tried, I've done 2 middle and a standard distance race with no problems

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