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Tri Sprint gear for beginner

Hi everyone I'm doing a Tri-Sprint soon (indoor so don't need a wetsuit) and not sure what gear I need to wear. I don't particularly want to spend a load of money and buy a tri-suit but what do I wear to swim in and then bike/run in if I don't buy one? Any suggestions? I'd like to get started so that I can train as much as possible in whatever I will wear on the day. Also I was thinking about wearing a thin vest over the top with my number on that I can just spin round during T2 - any other suggestions? I've read about Tri-belts but it seems they have their challenges as well because of the positioning of the number. Thanks 


  • My first sprint last year I just put cycle shorts over my truncks and put on a cycle top - cost a few seconds in T1. If I did it now and I had a pair of long trunks, I would just put on a cycle top and cycle in my trunks - it is not a long distance and will be more comfortable on the run than cycle shorts. ideally cycle top will have a zip at the front as difficult getting a shirt on when you are wet

    I would use a tri belt - they sell them for around £5 at most events

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