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Huub Archimedes Medium for sale

Huub Archimedes Medium for sale
£180 posted (within the UK)
Lightly used wetsuit for the serious triathlete. RRP is circa £500
No damage and with the net bag for transportation and drainage. I bought this so it is not second hand so I can vouch for its history. It is not used for training in open water, so it has been used less than 10 times.
As per the title it is a medium so will suit - 171-184cm Tall 72-85kg athlete (5’7-6’1 tall 159-187lbs)
It is the 3:5 system providing greater buoyancy for the legs, I swim a 60.5sec 100m and still prefer 3:5 over a 4:4 (the other wetsuit offered by Huub).
It is a custom wetsuit with orange bicep and calf release sections (instead of the standard red).
Questions welcome

Pics available on request
[email protected]


  • Hi,

    I've seen the date of the ad but wondered if this was still for sale ? and where in the UK you are ?

  • I still have it, not many people using at this time of year.
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