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ironman run fuel

Hi all

I have decided to step upto full distance in a few weeks at weymouth

i have always carried enough gels to get me through 70.3's or under but IM have said they supply powerbar gels for the run every 3 miles with drinks.


has anyone experience of this i would hate for them to be few and far between and drag my ass around to special needs were i plan on putting a few extras in just in case.

help advise?????? 


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I can't speak for Ironman events in particular, observations though, every 3 miles = every 5k so depending on your speed, if you are looking at 2-3 gels per hour you won't want to be missing any aid stations.

    I won't speculate on whether or not I trust ironman to deliver what they say they will. Races like the Grafman and Outlaw are capable of providing an ample supply with the frequency advertised, there's no reason why ironman wouldn't supply every 3 miles if that's what they've said they intend to do.

  • coddy89coddy89 Posts: 5

    thanks andrew your quite right missing a aid station is not in my plan and may just carry the gels that i will need every 20 mins if i cant be sure on the day 

    Anyone had any Ironman experience 

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Have you read the  "athletes guide" (race manual) ?

    If not you really should,

    In the athletes guide it states "There will be 4 feed stations on the run course which you will pass 18 times. Each feed station will contain :- PowerBar isotonic sports drink, PowerBar gels,water, cola and bananas"

    Should be plenty there to keep you going.

    Good Luck and happy racing.

  • In my experience at Ironman events there are usually feed stations every 3 to 5km. If you need nutrition specific to your needs, that will not be available at the feed stations, then bring your own 'special needs bag' for use during the race.


  • coddy89coddy89 Posts: 5

    thanks guys

  • I did Ironman UK a couple of years ago and I can stomach virtually all types of gels so only carried a few to get me onto the main run course.  I didn't realise but the gels they supply have added sodium and they tasted awful, after 2 or 3 I couldn't stomach anymore.  This resulted in resorting to accepting jelly babies from people on the course but these were few and far between and resulted in a trip to the medical tent shortly after finishing!  Mind you I got a massage without the need to queue and all the sugary tea and pizza I wanted - so it wasn't all bad.

    My advice would be test them out in training or take your own.

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