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Felt AR5 or Boardman Road Pro Carbon SLR for Olympic Triathlon


After 4 years of honourable service I think it's time to sell my B'Twin Triban 3 and move to a better bike. I've been doing triathlon for over a year now and so I was thinking to get something which would fit the purpose. I've recently completed the London triathlon with a bike leg at an average speed of 30.7km/h, which I think is not too bad considering the bike I'm using and the fact I couldn't stay on the drops after 10km due to some pain on my back.

Anyway, I'm looking at two bikes currently prices at around £1,500: the Boardman Road Pro Carbon and the Felt AR5. They seem to be both great bikes but my question is, which one should I buy considering I want to:

  • Train and race for triathlon events, mainly Olympic distance but I want to do try a 70.3 perhaps next in 2017
  • Do around 3-4 long (~120km) and 4 short rides (~40/50km) each month
  • Do some proper climbing
  • Commute to work (~15km/day)

I'm not interested on a proper TT bike since at the moment I can't afford to have two bikes. However I would love a bike which could have the best compromise for using in both road and tri events. I know TT bikes allow you to open up the hip angle and that helps preserving your muscles for the running leg. Is that something I can achieve with any of the bikes mentioned above fitting some aero bars and getting a proper bike fit?

The Boardman should weight slightly less (~7kg vs 8.1kg) has a better groupset (SRAM Force vs Shimano 105). On the other hand the Felt should have a more aggressive aero position (?). In terms of wheels, I'll use the Campagnolo Zonda I purchased early this year, which I think are better than the stock wheels of both Boardman and Felt.

Which do you think I should buy?

Boardman Road Pro Carbon SLRhttp://www.boardmanbikes.com/bb_en/products/875-road-pro-carbon-slr.html

Felt AR5: http://feltbicycles.com/International/2016/Bikes/road/aero/ar5.aspx

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