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Zoot trisuits- sizing help?!


I'm about to enter my first proper triathlon, which I wan't to do properly but without breaking the bank until I've decided it's my new hobby.

So... I'm looking at various budget Trisuits, and having stumbled upon Zoot stuff, I'm buggered if I can work out what size I am in their eyes! 100cm chest, 32" waist and 94cm hips (apologies for mixing units). Zoot sizing has me the upper end of Medium for chest, lower end of Medium for waist and lower end of Small for hips!

I've googled stuff as much as my concentration span can stand and haven't found anything terribly useful with basically the whole spectrum of people finding fault in both senses and ended up none the wiser.

There are other suits out there that seem easier to size me on, but TBH I like the look of some of the Zoot stuff at my price bracket so if anyone of similar shape can offer any advice that'd be great!

Cheers, Mark

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