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Wetsuits for the stockier build

Hi all. What brands do off the shelf wetsuits for shorter/stockier builds? I used to play rugby in the front row so have short thick legs and a barrel chest. I'm struggling to find off the shelf wetsuits that fit even reasonably well. 


  • I have similar build to you - 5'8'' tall, 44'' chest and used to weigh 90KG a year ago when I bought the suit, I have a long body and short stocky legs

    I bought a HUUB Archimdes size ML and it fits really well - even though I have lost lots of weight and now have 42'' chest and weigh 77KG - my legs are bigger now.

    I bought this as an ex demo from HUUB at the end of the season - it was in great condition

    Can't talk about other brands, but I have been very pleased with my wetsuit

  • Thank you so much. 

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