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Talkback: Ironman 70.3 Weymouth to go it alone

Ironman buy out the competition, shut it down and the sky's the limit on UK race fees. Just how much now for an IM Wales entry? Look to local events, eg Midnightman.


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Good decision IMO.

    After road course sabotage at the previous 2 events some locals are obviously unhappy with hundreds of competitors having fun whilst a very small minority can't get in their cars to drive.

    This is a great event on a great course expertly organised by the "Just Racing" crew on behalf of Ironman.

    Hopefully by limiting road closures time by having a 70.3 and no IM it will help pacify disgruntled locals.
  • I spectated this event and there is nowhere better in the UK to try the IM. I live locally and local businesses don't deserve the extra revenue the event provides. One day of the year outside of the summer season is a small price to pay for the publicity, visitors and money this event made. Local businesses will be the first to moan that revenue is down when people go abroad, gutted it's been stopped
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