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Talkback: How much rest do triathletes need?

What's a day off? Train Tue pm, no training Wednesday then train Thurs am, OR train Tue pm, 24 hrs off then train Wed pm? I know it all depends, but for 1 session a day triathletes that could be 48 hrs (2 days) off.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Nearly all recovery takes place during your long sleep which for most of us is at night. Sorry shift workers but your health is going to hell in a handcart anyway. This is when your growth and repair hormones really come out to play. As long as you get at least 3 hours good sleep you will get some recovery. Obviously a good full sleep is far better.

    So rather than be counting the hours count your long sleeps. So train Tues (whenever), sleep Tuesday night, recovery session or no training Wednesday followed by a nights sleep and train Thursday (whenever).

    Night, night everyone
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