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Bike Crash - Broken Collarbone

Training had been going so well this year, and I had just completed my first event, then disaster struck.

2 days ago I was out for a ride, as I approached a T junction I saw a car right in my path as they cut accross my side of the junction, I avoided the car, but went over the handlebars and ended up in a heap in the middle of the main road. My bike came off completely unscathed, however, the same cannot be said for the rider! I ended up with a broken collar bone, a broken and dislocated finger and concussion.

My brand new helmet undoubtedly saved my life - the helmet suffered catastrophic damage, my head did not!

Anyway, I now have 8+ weeks recovery time, which will leave me just 4 weeks to get ready for the Ultimate Triathlon in June. However, never one to give up, I still intend to compete in June, maybe a little slower than originally planned.

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