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Hi everyone!

I'm an 18y/o lightweight rower and have been considering trying to race triathlons as more of a "fun" side thing from rowing. at our rowing club we recently had a rowing triathlon race where rowing 8km replaced the 1.5k swim.

i did it in:

8k rowing machine row in 30min

40k bike(on turbo trainer) in 59min

and 10k run in 42min

for a total time of 2:15

I've read quite a lot of different things on the internet about what a good tri time is...but i was wondering if anyone could tell me if that could translate to a competitive real triathlon time? this was with no running training for a month or so but my HR was around 190bpm the whole time so it was a pretty tough effort!

anyway thanks in advance for any replies! 



  • It depends on what you mean by good, a sub 2:15 tri, is like a sub 3 hour marathon or a sub 18 min 5k. It would be a top 10 place in many "local" triathlons and probably an age group top 3. My aim is a 2h15m Tri, but depends on course

    Your 8km row looks good, however, I would think that you could swim 1500m in sub 27mins (I am a similar pace to you on bike and run, and swim 27min)

  • thanks for the info!

    yeah generally if I'm going to do a sport i want to be competitive at it!

    I'm going to sign up for a tri in the end of july and ill train on the side of rowing for it! I'm hoping since this was my first "tri" that ill be able to get down to 2hours by then!

    I'm certain that ill have plenty of newbie questions before that!

    thanks again!!

  • to do 2 hours you need a sub 22min swim (1:28/100m), a 56 min 40km ride (42kph/26mph), a 38min run (3:48/km 6:05/mile), leaving 3 mins for transition and a minute in hand

    Those are achievable, but would be impressive times

    Rather being too ambitious, try to get a sub 2h10m in your first OD Tri, have a look at last year's times, if you select a less competitive event, you will probably be in top 10, if you do better, you will be really pleased.

  • sheddytrisheddytri Posts: 3

    I just did my first Sprint Triathlon at Dorney Lake. I loved it and massively recommend it to start. I have started a blog and an instagram page. Just for fun but also to help people like you and me!

    I had only done running events before yesterday.


    Instagram @sheddytri


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